Digital content has never been more accessible

Snapplify is a leading global edtech company focused on content distribution, mobile reading, and innovation for digital education. From software to support, we provide educational institutions with everything they need to create a secure, collaborative e-learning environment for students.

We also work hand-in-hand with publishers and retailers, providing them with tools to maximise their business success. Our suite of products includes a metadata management system, a white-labelled store, and reader technology that facilitate quick and easy sales to educational institutions.

Digital education for the 21st century.

Snapplify for Education offers a suite of products for digital reading and e-learning to empower teachers and students to teach and learn, digitally. Our interactive e-learning solutions, and our award-winning hardware distribution solution for ebooks – the Snappbox – are already transforming classrooms across hundreds of schools. Our solutions are industry celebrated and globally recognised for their innovation in technology.

Seamlessly manage your content and metadata distribution.

Effective content and metadata management is key to the success of publishing businesses. Our efficient metadata management systems increase title discoverability, and simplify distribution systems to retail partners, client schools across Africa and the US, or via a publisher’s branded online store. Our platforms also feed usage data back to a publisher, so that they can learn how readers engage with their content.

Selling digital books has never been easier.

Retailers can leverage Snapplify’s aggregated ebook catalogue and sell to customers from their own turnkey e-commerce store or integrate with their existing web store. Snapplify aggregates digital content from leading global publishers, enabling retailers to expand their retail business into ebooks.

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