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Snapplify is at the forefront of edtech solutions in Africa, and specialises in enabling digital learning for individuals and institutions by establishing a marketplace for digital education content, related educational services, and devices. As a pan-African edtech company, Snapplify strives for radical inclusion to level the playing field and equip individuals across emerging markets with the world-class tools they need to collaborate, innovate and thrive.

Snapplify for Education’s award-winning platform is already a top choice for institutions integrating digital education into their classrooms. From software to support, Snapplify provides institutions with everything they need to create a secure, collaborative e-learning environment for students. Snapplify’s robust 24-hour-access digital-library solution offers thousands of free ebooks and widely applicable, curriculum-approved educational content supplied by partner publishers from across the globe. The Snappbox, Snapplify’s hardware distribution solution for ebooks, allows schools with limited or no connectivity to access learning materials, saving data and download time. Snapplify’s diversity of device integration allows schools to use its products on the devices that they already have access to, without having to invest in costly digital infrastructure upgrades. Snapplify’s solutions are industry celebrated and globally recognised for their innovation in technology. To give schools the opportunity to explore digital learning at no cost, Snapplify has also released a free version of their Engage e-learning platform.

In order to achieve its educational goals, Snapplify has built strong relationships with diverse partners around the growth of its ebook, e-textbook, and device catalogue, and partnered with international publishers and other key stakeholders to meet the demand for widely relevant, curriculum-compliant digital educational content. In addition to establishing a marketplace for digital education content, related educational services, and devices, Snapplify has also established exclusive relationships with telecommunications companies to zero-rate data, thereby making digital educational content even more accessible.

Snapplify originated in South Africa, focusing initially on the South African education and digital content industries. Since its establishment in 2012, the company has grown and expanded into new markets in Africa and the United States, with offices across South Africa, as well as in Nairobi, Amsterdam and New Jersey. Snapplify is backed by AngelHub Ventures, a venture capital company backed by former First National Bank CEO Michael Jordaan and the Harris family, as well as international investors. In 2019, Snapplify secured $2 million expansion capital from venture capital firm Knife Capital, and empowered African investment manager Hlayisani Capital’s Hlayisani Growth Fund.


Global Education StartUps Awards 2019


EdTechX Global Awards 2019


London Stock Exchange Group’s Companies to Inspire Africa 2019


Reimagine Education Overall EdTech Award 2019

As the largest marketplace for digital education content, related educational services, and devices in Africa:

Snapplify Engage brings all of the Snapplify’s collaborative products into one cohesive platform, providing hundreds of schools with everything that they need to teach and learn – all in one place.

Our free Reader application can be used on any device (mobile, tablet and desktop), both online and offline, giving access to world class content to institutions with varying technological infrastructure.

Our data analytics platform empowers institutions to make informed decisions relating to their content choices, annual budgets and teaching strategies.

The industry celebrated Snappbox ‘ebook enables’ schools by fitting into existing technology infrastructure, and specifically tackling common issues that restrict schools from implementing digital learning, namely low connectivity and/ or the high cost of bandwidth.

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