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Snapplify is a leading global edtech company focused on content distribution, mobile publishing and innovation for digital education.

Our responsive and interactive e-learning solutions are already being implemented in hundreds of schools. Snapplify for Education, a suite of products for digital reading and e-learning, is transforming classrooms by empowering teachers and students to teach and learn, digitally. From software to support, we provide institutions with everything they need to create a secure, collaborative e-learning environment for students. In addition, the Snappbox, our hardware distribution solution for ebooks, allows schools with limited or no connectivity to access learning materials, saving data and download time. Our solutions are industry celebrated and globally recognized for their innovation in technology. Snapplify has won multiple awards for revolutionizing ebook distribution for schools.

Snapplify’s Publisher Solutions suite is built from our long experience in the publishing industry, working hand-in-hand with leading local and international publishers. This robust collection of products and services allows publishers to manage their content and metadata distribution, seamlessly. Our efficient systems increase title discoverability, simplify distribution, and feed back usage data, so publishers can track ebook sales, title popularity and reading behavior on specific titles. The suite also includes a white-labelled store and reader technology that facilitate quick and easy sales.

Snapplify originated in South Africa, focusing initially on the South African education and digital content industries. Since its establishment in 2012, the company has grown and expanded into new markets in Africa and the United States, with offices across South Africa, as well as in Nairobi, Amsterdam and New Jersey. Snapplify is backed by AngelHub Ventures, a venture capital company backed by former First National Bank CEO Michael Jordaan and the Harris family, as well as international investors.


A Bookmark award for Tech Innovation


Inaugural BookExpo Challenge


FutureBook Tech Innovation award


Asia Digital Publishing Summit Awards

As the largest platform and aggregator of digital educational content in Africa:

Snapplify Engage brings all of the Snapplify’s collaborative products into one cohesive platform, providing hundreds of schools with everything that they need to teach and learn – all in one place.

Our free Reader application can be used on any device (mobile, tablet and desktop), both online and offline, giving access to world class content to institutions with varying technological infrastructure.

Our data analytics platform empowers institutions to make informed decisions relating to their content choices, annual budgets and teaching strategies.

The industry celebrated Snappbox ‘ebook enables’ schools by fitting into existing technology infrastructure, and specifically tackling common issues that restrict schools from implementing digital learning, namely low connectivity and/ or the high cost of bandwidth.

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