Reach thousands of schools

Using paid promotional advertising on Snapplify’s platforms gives you the opportunity to speak to Africa’s largest group of digitally enabled public and private schools. That’s over 2000 schools and up to 500 000 users (including school administrators, bursars, teachers, librarians and students). Increase the visibility of your products and services, and grow your business.

Build awareness with display advertising

Book impression-based campaigns with competitive rates, targeting Snapplify’s segmented education-focused user base. Banner advertisements can be placed on all Teacha! platforms, Onnies Online and Snapplify Engage.

Run integrated campaigns

With Snapplify’s established media platforms, including an extensive newsletter subscription list and large social media following, you can easily amplify your message. Using targeted content marketing, we can help you to reach your goals.

Harness our platforms to boost your ebook sales

Publishers have a range of options to promote digital content – from advertising in newsletters to increasing your product visibility on the Snapplify shop.

Learn more about our platforms

Snapplify Engage

Engage combines Snapplify’s collaborative e-learning products into one platform, so teachers and students have easy access to everything they need to teach and learn in the 21st century classroom.


Teacha! is an online hub where teachers can access 15 000+ resources, job vacancies, news, career advice, SACE courses, and teaching ideas from other teachers. Teacha! enables teachers to support each other through the power of online communities.

Onnies Online

Onnies Online is a premier independent Afrikaans website aimed at supporting teachers. Our focus is providing access to resources, ideas and inspiration. Content focuses include free resources, articles, how-to videos and more.

Teacha! Magazine

Teacha! Magazine is a collaborative effort between South African teachers to share ideas, tips and inspiration. The magazine is published quarterly, at the beginning of every term. Distribution is via Teacha! and Onnies Online channels, as well via all Snapplify platforms.

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