Everything you need to teach, and learn, digitally.

Built for schools, colleges, universities and education departments, as well as individual students and parents, Snapplify for Education is a suite of e-reading and e-learning solutions that empowers digital learning.

A secure, collaborative
e-learning environment.

Engage combines Snapplify’s collaborative e-learning products into one platform, so you have easy access to everything you need to teach and learn in the 21st century classroom.

Educators can share teacher-created, multimedia resource materials with students, while administrators seamlessly manage the access and permissions for multiple student and staff accounts.

A curated digital library, right at your fingertips.

Host your own digital content library, with easy-to-manage checkout and auto-return functionality. Users can borrow ebooks for a set period, by searching through thousands of titles themselves, or browsing through recommended collections. Snapplify’s Library can be used through Engage, alongside other Snapplify products, or as a standalone offering in a school.

Insightful analytics of student e-reading activity.

Data can transform the way we teach in the 21st century. Track and download data on your students’ ebook usage and reading behaviour to analyse how they interact with educational material. Then use this perceptive data to inform your content choices, annual budgets and teaching strategies, so your institution can learn and grow.

Access to dynamic, interactive content – anywhere.

The free Snapplify Reader application works across iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Windows and macOS; on tablets and mobile devices, as well as on desktop PCs and Apple Macs. The app allows you to access all your content in one place, and can be used online or offline, wherever you are.

Saving data and download time.

The award-winning Snappbox is a hardware distribution solution for ebooks, allowing students to access their digital books within their school directly, rather than downloading them each individually from the internet. The Snappbox can be preloaded with thousands of ebooks, which students can access instantly offline. In areas where connectivity is poor, or even where there is no internet at all, the Snappbox serves as an easy solution for getting educational content to students.

Since each ebook is only downloaded once (onto the Snappbox), schools and students save on bandwidth costs and up to 166 hours in download time.

We’ll help you out.

We’re committed to supporting you so that you can get the most out of our digital education products. From everyday technical support to customised teacher training programmes, our team is always ready to help. We also assist education departments and school groups to do bulk rollouts of ebooks to schools. Whatever your requirements, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Email us at support [at] snapplify.com.

How the Education solutions will work for you:

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