Simple, secure content management

Snapplify’s marketplace solutions allow marketplace partners to do more with their products, digital content, and metadata.

Distribute your titles widely, to Snapplify and others

Sell your products, services, or catalogue of digital content easily via the Snapplify shop, Snapplify Engage, our affiliated retailers, and other retailers of your choice. Deliver multiple formats and versions of your metadata to each specific partner, and reach new retailers, faster.

Flexible licensing options for the sale of your content

Snapplify’s different licensing models ensure that your content provides good value to users. Individual users can purchase single-user licences that are perpetual, or last one, three, or five years. Multiple-user licences, owned by the educational institution and renewed every two years, allow publishers to make content available via Snapplify Library on an ongoing basis.

Sell direct to your customers with your own digital ebook store

Use Snapplify to create your own branded ebook store, or integrate the Snapplify Reader application with your existing e-commerce website. You can sell your entire catalogue globally from a fully functional e-commerce store, and offer your customers a robust reader application that works across multiple platforms and devices.

Protect your content with SnappSafe DRM

Snapplify’s SnappSafe was developed according to global digital rights management (DRM) standards to ensure that your content is encrypted, and that each downloaded file is locked to that user and the device they are accessing it on.

Seamlessly manage your content and metadata distribution

Origin is a simple, easy-to-use content and metadata management solution that allows publishers to work faster and smarter.

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