Edtech company Snapplify makes buying books even easier with M-Pesa payments

Apr 16, 2018 | News

M-Pesa payments a possibility for Snapplify’s Kenyan customers

While the digital reading revolution in emerging markets has looked a bit different to the adoption of ebooks in more economically developed countries, e-reading has become more prevalent across Africa in recent years, with the number of people using the internet growing by nearly a quarter of a billion new users in 2017 alone. Snapplify has a long history of making e-learning and ebooks more accessible in emerging markets, and their M-Pesa integration on their online retail store, Snapplify.co.ke will go a long way to making ebooks more easily available to the Kenyan public.

Snapplify, a global edtech company with an established presence in the East African region, is continually looking for new ways to adapt to market needs. Snapplify’s CEO Wesley Lynch reiterates this, saying, ‘When entering new markets, it’s important to identify and adapt to differences. It would be a mistake to try to cookie-cut ways of working in different markets and territories, and hope for similar success. Snapplify always aims to learn how to adapt ideas to suit changing environments.’

Launched in Kenya in March 2007, the mobile-phone-based financial service M-Pesa quickly became (and remains) a popular payment option for Kenyans, especially those without access to the formal banking sector. As a banking service, M-Pesa allows users to make payments and deposit, transfer, or withdraw money easily with their mobile phones. Now, Kenyans can pay for their ebooks using this popular payment option on Snapplify.co.ke.

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