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Sep 26, 2018 | Education

Snapplify makes 2019 e-textbook procurement easy

‘[Snapplify] consistently impressed me with their efficiency and competence. From our initial engagements, through the creation of our grade book lists, and on to the customising of our platform, they have guided us every step of the way …’ – Grant Lewis, ICT integrator at Crawford College La Lucia

For many schools, Snapplify’s simple solutions have made the adoption of digital education easy. Not only have educators seen just how easy procurement and delivery of e-textbooks can be in the digital age, but they’ve discovered how digital tools can transform their classrooms.

While the procurement of physical textbooks can be a lengthy, complicated, expensive process, purchasing e-textbooks via Snapplify is quick, easy, and cost-effective. Snapplify has the largest catalogue of local and international e-textbooks in Africa, meaning that schools don’t need to deal with multiple providers, nor do they need to worry about titles going out of stock, becoming out of date, or taking time to arrive. Instead, Snapplify is a ‘one-stop shop’, where ebooks from leading publishers, as well as quality devices, are readily available through the Snapplify Engage platform.

Each year, students can be issued with the latest e-textbooks without paper waste or returns of older books. Institutions can also monitor e-textbook usage through Snapplify Insights, and use this valuable data to inform future budgeting decisions and content choices. Martin Levitt, ICT support technician at Parklands College shares: ‘[Snapplify] has made management much easier in getting the correct content to the learners and educators. Engage is an excellent tool that we use to keep track of our users and the titles they have.’

Online, offline, wherever you go
At schools with limited or no internet connection, students can still receive their e-textbooks speedily via Snapplify’s award-winning hardware distribution solution for digital content – the Snappbox. Snapplify’s Snappbox can be preloaded with thousands of e-textbooks, which students can access offline, through their school’s intranet.

Not only do students get instant access to everything they need for e-learning, but they can carry all their e-textbooks with them wherever they go – meaning no more heavy book bags. The Snapplify Reader application allows students to read ebooks and interact with digital content in and out of the classroom, with or without an internet connection. Chanelle Kebble from Oakridge College notes how the ‘highlight option [in the Reader] on the educational material is an easy and convenient way for the teachers to identify important information for the learners to access and use.’

Several schools using Snapplify have noted how beneficial it is for students to have all their e-textbooks in one place on the Reader. Grant Lewis, ICT integrator at Crawford College La Lucia has spoken about how their ‘learners are loving their ebooks and the Snapplify Reader experience’, going on to say that ‘Snapplify has played a huge part in helping us transform our school into a more effective learning environment.’

Easy integration
Still, while some schools have dived into digital education with both feet, others are dipping their toes in the water, preferring a blended learning approach. With Snapplify, it’s not necessary to abandon older resources, to upgrade existing infrastructure, or to invest heavily in LMSs and devices at the outset.

Snapplify for Education works seamlessly alongside other e-learning products and integrates with existing education product suites from Google Classroom and Microsoft Education; plus the Snapplify Reader application is compatible with multiple devices. As Chanelle Kebble at Oakridge College says, ‘We have chosen Snapplify as it is user-friendly for both students and teachers. It is a good technological option for learners to use on a number of different devices which they are familiar with and know how to use.’

For schools that need new devices, hardware device procurement can be done at the same time as e-textbooks for 2019, through Snapplify’s school portal – Engage.

Ongoing support
Morgan Hosking, a mathematics educator at Northwood High School, has appreciated how Snapplify is ‘quick to respond to queries. Their representatives are informative and offer step-by-step guidance throughout the process, making for a smooth transition into e-learning.’

Whether students, parents, educators and other staff are au fait with e-learning technology, or whether they need extra support, Snapplify offers extensive technical assistance and excellent customer service. And when it comes to procurement, Snapplify’s friendly sales team can work hand-in-hand with schools on prescribed book lists, as Grant Lewis remembers: ‘The after sales support that we received is nothing short of excellent! We managed to roll out 120 devices in three days, loaded with customised book lists, which had been pre-purchased by parents.’

From on-time e-textbook delivery to easy access and technical support, Snapplify has everything your school needs for e-learning success in 2019.

Email education@snapplify.com to chat about your specific needs and how we can work together.

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