How to make the most of your digital library

Mar 19, 2018 | Education

If you’ve visited a physical library or bookshop, you’ve probably seen displays of recommended reads. From bestsellers to the booksellers’ most beloved books, these curated lists not only help readers find the best of the best available books, but cut out confusion or frustration over picking the ‘wrong book’.

In the spirit of sharing our love of books, Snapplify developed the ‘Favourites’ and ‘Recommended’ sections within your school’s digital library to highlight specific content and help users to browse more effectively.

To begin browsing your school’s digital library, log in to Engage, then click ‘Library’ (towards the left of the Engage dashboard). Here, you’ll find thousands of free, top-quality titles.

Your school only pays for the library rights of the books users actually check-out of the library. You can set how many copies you would like to purchase the rights to, based on the interest or need for a particular book. You can also manage the check-out time for books based on student demand.

‘Favourites’ is listed to the left of the Engage dashboard, below ‘Library’. This section helps students to find content more easily.

All Snapplify library books feature a star icon in the top left corner of the book’s jacket image (a.k.a. book cover). When the star is clicked, it turns yellow, meaning that the book has been ‘favourited’. All ‘favourited’ items are then listed under the ‘Favourites’ tab.
As a teacher, administrator or school librarian, you can use this feature to highlight content that you think your students may find useful.

Another nifty library feature is the ‘Recommended’ section, which is listed below ‘Favourites’ (also to the left of the Engage dashboard). Here, you’ll find an automatically curated list of favourite books that come from all Snapplify Engage accounts (inside, as well as outside your institution). These are the World’s Favourite Books, according to Engage users. Use this for inspiration, to see what others are reading, and to encourage your students to dive into a new recommended read.

At Snapplify, we’re always looking for ways to help you and your students get the most out of your e-learning experience. We’ve designed the Library to maximise engagement with quality content, and we hope these features will help you and your students to discover more wonderful books.

To find out how you can start using Engage Library, or if you’d like to arrange a meeting with one of our friendly education team members in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Nairobi or Mombasa let us know by emailing

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