Kenyan learners can access thousands of free ebooks during coronavirus shutdown period with Snapplify

Jun 18, 2020 | Partnerships

Snapplify and Kenyan publishing partners unite to provide free content for learners during COVID-19 school closures

As learners and parents enter a new term next month, many will engage with educators and continue the school year remotely for the first time – a potentially difficult transition. Although working together now means being apart for a short time, it is important to ensure that life and routines go on as best they can, especially when it comes to education. Snapplify has a long history of supporting educational institutions as they transition towards 4IR classrooms. Today, Snapplify have announced the launch of a new initiative in Kenya to help learners as they embark upon their remote learning journey.

The new programme launched by the edtech industry leader is called Free Access – a programme to provide short-term access to digital ebooks, e-textbooks and other resources for learners at no cost. The broad selection of digital content covers educational resources for the CBC and 8-4-4 curriculum, including e-textbooks, readers, teacher guides and study guides.

Snapplify’s Free Access programme brings together partners from across the education industry. The local publishers who have pledged their support for the programme include Oxford University Press Kenya, Moran Publishers, Mountain Top Publishers, and Queenex Publishers.

Any user is able to access the free e-books with a registered Snapplify user account. Learners and parents are encouraged to register a free account to make use of this exclusive offer until 31 December 2020.

‘The need for parents and educators to collaborate more closely in particular has never been more important than now – and both can be reassured that Snapplify is here to help them, every step of the way,’ explains Snapplify representative, Joan Muse, who appeared on national television last month, promoting the launch. ‘We’re proud of our digital education community and the willingness of our partners to come together to offer the most extensive collection of free content available for remote learning in Kenya.’

Enterprise tier of Engage also unlocked for remainder of 2020
Further to this, Snapplify have also made the Enterprise tier of their Engage e-learning platform open to all schools at no cost until 31 December 2020. This provides all schools access to top tier added benefits of the paid-for platform, including advanced administration tools and integrations, and user data analytics, for free for the remainder of the year.

As he addressed the nation about protocols to be implemented in the fight against COVID-19, President Uhuru Kenyatta called on Kenyans to unite, saying, ‘Let us all remember that as Kenyans, we have been faced with other crises in the past, and we have always triumphed by coming together in the spirit of national unity and cooperation.’ Snapplify’s collaboration with several partners in the digital education space echoes this message, while working to support continued education with minimal disruptions.

This sentiment is shared by the Snapplify Foundation, which aims to improve accessibility, scale and quality of education across all communities in Africa. Digital tools are an essential support mechanism to break down barriers to access around education and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Going digital also presents an opportunity to diversify the standard curriculum offering with a variety of long-term benefits – such as teaching valuable technical soft skills and promoting safe practices and communications online.

Hundreds of thousands of learners are already accessing educational resources from Snapplify, digitally. Register your Snapplify user account online for free to get started.

Email if you have any technical queries or would like to discuss your school’s specific needs.

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