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How to share multimedia resources with students

Snapplify supports the sharing of multimedia resources. This means that you can share video and audio content with your students, as well as written resources like books, quizzes, worksheets and notes. Film a science experiment and upload it so that your class can...

How to make the most of your digital library

If you’ve visited a physical library or bookshop, you’ve probably seen displays of recommended reads. From bestsellers to the booksellers’ most beloved books, these curated lists not only help readers find the best of the best available books, but cut out confusion or...

Get to grips with Journal

If you’ve been making use of Snapplify’s full suite of e-reading and e-learning solutions, you’ll know just how nifty Journal can be. With Snapplify’s Journal, you can make in-text annotations, which you can easily access later. Here, you’ll find all your notes and...

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