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Jun 28, 2018 | Education

Schools signed up with Snapplify get special access to a range of revision resources

Reliable access to educational materials undoubtedly improves learning outcomes. Snapplify for Education – a suite of e-learning and e-reading solutions empowers students by giving them access to world-class digital education. While the suite is designed to be used throughout the school year, Snapplify’s tools can be particularly helpful for revision purposes in the lead-up to exams.

Snapplify is an aggregator of content from leading local and international publishers, meaning that institutions signed up for Snapplify for Education have access to top-quality, curriculum-approved e-textbooks. Students can also supplement their reading with thousands of free ebooks from their institution’s digital library, and boost their studying skills with study guides from the Snapplify store.

Snapplify’s Resources allows teachers to upload and share multimedia resources (including video and audio content, as well as written resources like book summaries, quizzes, worksheets and notes) with their students, making learning interactive and memorable.
Within the Snapplify Reader application (which allows students and teachers to read and interact with ebooks across a range of supported devices), students can access additional revision tools, such as notes and highlights. Using the notes feature, students can keep track of sections of text that contain additional annotations. Similarly, highlights gives students the power to mark up key text within an ebook, with the option of using different colours to make studying easier.

Using Snapplify’s Insights platform, educators can also identify knowledge gaps and adjust teaching strategies according to their students’ needs. Insights pulls data relating to Snapplify Library checkouts, and collates other important information from individual user accounts on the Snapplify Reader. Empowered with key data analytics regarding student ebook usage and reading habits (when students read, how often students read, and what they read, for instance), educators can offer interventions or a different approach if necessary.

As students use the Snapplify platform, with all its e-learning features, this hands-on experience with technology not only prepares them for exams, but for a world which increasingly calls for individuals to be tech-savvy. From exposure to multimedia content, to the ways in which students communicate and collaborate in an online space, the use of digital education tools builds valuable 21st-century skills.

The right resources can make all the difference on the road to academic success. Snapplify for Education puts these resources directly into the hands of teachers and students, allowing them to focus on achieving their best.

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