About Us

Snapplify is a global education content and media technology company focusing on content distribution, mobile reading, and EdTech. 

At Snapplify we distinguish the unique challenges of the emerging market classroom environment, where multiple learners share tablet devices, use print and digital textbooks simultaneously, and where infrastructure is unstable. Snapplify pinpoints the best technologies to resolve these challenges, and ensures fast, affordable access to digital content.

Snapplify’s content platform is optimised for use in low-bandwidth areas, with the Snapplify Snappbox having won multiple awards for revolutionising ebook distribution in schools.

As the largest platform and aggregator of digital educational content in Africa: 

Reader.png Snapplify provides access to more than 290 000 aggregated ebook from leading educational publishers globally. Store(1).png We sell digital textbooks, fiction & non-fiction ebooks, apps,  video, and interactive study revision materials to educational institutions, government departments, and individual users.
Engage(3).png We're proud to say that over 170 000 readers use Snapplify to learn. Our solutions have been implemented in hundreds of schools. Resources.png Our unique approach enables schools to have affordable access to engaging digital content.  

Snapplify for Education is a suite of products for digital reading and e-learning. It is transforming classrooms by empowering teachers and students to teach and learn digitally. Learn more

Snapplify's Publisher Solutions make metadata and asset management simple and effective. With extensive experience in the industry, we focus on developing products that work for our publishing partners. Our solutions are industry celebrated and globally recognised for their innovation in technology. Learn more.

Snapplify's Retail Solutions enable retailers to leverage our catalog, distribution partnerships, and technology, to sell digital content to their existing customers. Learn more.


Snapplify originated in South Africa, focusing initially on the South African education and digital content industries. Since its establishment in 2012, the company has grown and expanded into new markets in Africa and the United States, with offices in Africa, Europe and the United States. Snapplify is backed by AngelHub Ventures, a venture capital company backed by former First National Bank CEO Michael Jordaan and the Harris family, as well as international investors.


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