Simple, secure content and metadata management

Snapplify’s Publisher Solutions suite is a robust collection of products and services that allows publishers to do more with their content and metadata.

Get more control with Origin.

Origin provides publishers with a single data source and system. Your entire publishing team can access title information from anywhere with an internet connection and web browser.

Ditch the multiple spreadsheets you’ve been using internally and externally. With Origin, you can capture your metadata once, and output it in multiple formats and reports.

Distribute your titles widely, to Snapplify and others.

Sell your catalogue of digital content easily via the Snapplify store, our affiliated retailers, and other retailers of your choice. Deliver multiple formats and versions of your metadata to each specific partner, and reach new retailers, faster.

Sell direct to your customers with your own Digital Ebook Platform.

Use Snapplify to create your own branded ebook store, or integrate our Reader application with your existing e-commerce website. You can sell your entire catalogue globally from a fully functional e-commerce store, and offer your customers a robust Reader application that works across multiple platforms and devices.

Learn more about your content with Insights.

Knowing your catalogue inside and out is key to selling content effectively. With Insights, you’ll have access to an array of data about your titles and their usage, so that you and your team can feel empowered to continue creating relevant content that best fits the market.

Protect your content with SnappSafe DRM.

Snapplify’s SnappSafe was developed according to global digital rights management (DRM) standards to ensure that your content is encrypted, and that each downloaded file is locked to that user and the device they are accessing it on.

How the Publisher solutions will work for your company:

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