Snapplify for Education

Everything you need to teach, & learn, digitally.

Snapplify for Education is a suite of eReading and eLearning solutions that empowers digital learning. Schools, colleges and universities can create one place where students and educators can read, share, and access resources.

You can easily configure Snapplify’s wide range of products and services to suit your institution. From eTextbooks and a digital library to audio, video, and other interactive content -- You’ll have everything you need, at your fingertips.

School Store

An easy way to purchase curriculum approved eTextbooks, fiction, andnon-fiction titles from leading publishers.

Resource Cloud

Make your worksheets, circulars recorded lectures more accessible: build an online collection of teacher-created resources to share with your students.

Digital Library

Encourage leisure reading: supplement your school library with an easy to manage digital library of bestselling titles. 

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Save your school money and time by enabling low connectivity usage and offline downloads with the Snappbox.

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All your content in one place: available offline, and even from home. Download the Reader Application from


Teach and learn collaboratively in the classroom, with notes and highlights which are accessible across shared devices.

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A tool for building unique revision assessments to suit your curriculum and lesson structure. 

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Track downloads & notes, and monitor your students' usage and reading behaviour with insightful analytics.

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Google Classroom

Snapplify for Education is integrated with Google Classroom, allowing for streamlined user management.

How would it work in your institution?

When you sign up as an institution with Snapplify, your students or their parents are able to purchase all of their prescribed eTextbooks from your branded school store, or your institution can order your textbooks in bulk on behalf of your students. Alongside this educational content, you can also encourage leisure reading with a supplementary digital library of bestselling fiction.

Our toolset enables your educators to create revision quizzes and upload these and other resources (class outlines, notes, circulars) to the Resource Cloud, which students can easily download and access on their devices.

Snapplify’s advanced rollout & support services make it easy to install the Snappbox, set up your student and staff accounts, and download purchased content.

All of this content is accessed via the Snapplify Reader Application, which provides your students and staff with a powerful tool for academic reading, review and collaboration.

Your students have access to eBooks from leading educational publishers via your branded school store Students and educators are able to engage with digital content and collaborate with each other Teacher training and ongoing support empowers educators to transform their classrooms digitally